First thing tomorow morning I’m heading off to Krakow in Poland to meet the current members of photoSoc at Manchester.  I had plenty of fun on the last trip, which was to Riga in Latvia so I pretty much jumped at the chance to go on another one.

As it is a photography trip I’ve been thinking about which cameras to take… in the end I think it will be my F3+MD4 and an F3P+MD4 that I bought from eBay recently.

In terms of film, I recently stocked up on Fuji Provia 100F (colour slide) after getting some good results on a recent walk along the Thames Path in London with Kangan.  As well as this I’ll be taking some Superia Reala (colour neg) and a handful of rolls of B&W (Neopan 1600, Delta 400… no TX400 though!)

As I’ve been experimenting with my Grandad’s Hasselblad 500C/500EL bodies recently, there’s also the temptation to take these along too (again, with Provia 100F and a couple of rolls of Kodak E100G).  As of right now, I’m undecided.  They add a lot of extra bulk and without a tripod, I’m not sure how much use they’d get.

Photos to come in a couple of weeks… depending on how much I shoot, scanning could take some time!