A couple of weeks Xiaoxiao was back in the UK for a very short trip.  Her visit coincided with Quentin sailing into Liverpool after 12 months at sea; I think he was more than a little surprised to see her standing in Albert Dock

Apart from seeing Quentin in, we spent another day in Liverpool, enjoyed stunning Metropolitan Cathedral as well as Liverpool Cathedral, not to mention trips to Williamson’s tunnels and those funny iron blokes stood in the sea

On the way back we enjoyed a film at Manchester AMC and our Indian restaurant of choice, Punjab along the curry mile.  Amazingly at least one of the waiters still remembers me from my regular visit almost three years ago.  Not bad going, if you ask me

Xiaoxiao is back at work in China now and after a week back at work I’m also slipping into the usual routine.  Last week my boss conducted my annual review, which I’m happy to say was very positive.  In the (hopefully not too distant) future I’m going to be getting a little more involved with the kernel “community”, with the possibility of being able to tag two to four weeks onto the end of my next trip to China working in one of the Chinese Sun offices