I’ve been out on my bike a fair bit recently.  I have a nice 9 mile circular route that takes me through Sandhurst, Crowthorne, Finchampstead and Eversley – this route is particularly nice because of the ride along Wellington Ave and The Ridges which is home to some really great big towering trees

A couple of weeks ago I decieded to extend my evening cycle so I plotted some nice looking routes in Memory Map, exported them to a standard GPX file format and copied them onto my mobile phone

By hooking up a great piece of free software called TrekBuddy I’ve hooked my mobile up to a Bluetooth-enabled GPS receiver which allows me to use my phone as a DIY satnav for my bike

TrekBuddy has a number of different modes, the two most interesting are a map-view (I’ve downloaded the correct resolution maps from Google Maps) where my route gets plotted, and a more simple compass view (a green arrow indicates the direction I should be cycling to reach my next way point).  After some experimentation I’ve settled on the compass view, mostly because my phone’s screen is too small to effectively use the maps I’ve copied over

The most interesting part of all this is attaching the device to my bike.  After doing a brief search on the Internet, I’ve opted for a more home-grown method, involving half a car sponge (helps with vibrations), a length of old inner tube and (as a later addition) clingfilm to “waterproof” my phone


The result won’t win a beauty pageant, but for the time being it fits my need at a very low cost.  No problems with the mounting so far… although it is a pain to adjust settings after setting off as it involves removing the clingfilm from the phone

Since introducing the Bikenav I’ve added two more routes I can take in the evening, each one roughly 20 miles long.  I have a few more tracks drawn up, but I’m waiting until I’ve properly learned the first two routes before starting with those