Made a little list of interesting-looking camera straps…

Most of the time I don’t carry a camera around my neck; instead it sits on my shoulder, or slung across my chest/back

The camera strap that comes with the Nikon D3 is really not bad… it’s wide, very thin and doesn’t do too badly at gripping.  The biggest problem I have with it is the colour… bright yellow screams ‘steal me’

So, here’s my list:

Of all of these the both the Op/Tech and the UPstrap have many excellent reviews.  It’s clear from these that you shouldn’t consider the UPstrap at all if you carry your camera around your neck.  My experience with the Op/Tech is that it’s not brilliant if you carry your camera on your shoulder… the flex of the Neoprene makes it difficult to control and the wide thick strap can’t be wrapped around your wrist.  The other annoying part is the length of the quick-release straps… these are just the right length to obscure the viewfinder when you hold the camera vertically

I’ve put in an order for a quick-release UPstrap and wrist strap.  I’m also interested in getting the LowePro Speedster (I’ve added it to my wish list (link over at the right)) as well as the Tamrac, but finding a source in the UK is a bit more difficult