Caught a bus to Praia do Forte yesterday to visit Projeto Tamar, a turtle “sanctuary” nearby Salvador.  Coach trip there was short at two hours but we quickly discovered it was a tourist town and nothing like any of us expected.

Generally poor food and a shallow, rocky beach.  Once we got things sorted out after dinner we headed down and enjoyed the evening watching the waves by the beach.

I don’t think I’ve sat by an oceanic beach for a long period of time before but I was absolutely amazed by the wind… a very strong steady blow as opposed to the squally gusts I’m used to in other places.  Definitely something totally different.

The sanctuary itself turned out to be little more than a bunch of tanks with some turtles, fish and crabs.  More of a fish zoo than anything else.

Back in Salvador now and we’re investigating buying a scrapheap car to drive south back to Rio.  It’s not looking promising though, unless we want to bribe every set of police that pull us over, but that could get expensive very quickly!