Finally reached Rio city proper and I’m staying in a hostel called Che Lagarto three blocks from Cococobana beach. There’s been quite a lot of mix-up along the way but things seem to be in order now.

The supposed train from London Bridge didn’t materialise so I had to get a cab to Victoria station and get the train from there. Both the flight to Porto and the connecting flight to Rio were delayed. When I finally got to Rio no flights were available the same day to Salvador where Tom, Reynolds & Fabian are so I tried to get a last minute cancellation spot but in the process managed to miss booking the earliest flight tomorrow morning… I’d planned to sleep at the airport and get a 6am flight but thanks to my dilly-dallying I’m now in the hostel and will catch a flight out around 4pm.

Not sure what to make of things so far. Came through a very rough looking area on the limousine bus but the more affluent areas seem fairly safe.

With any luck next update should be from Salvador.