First full day in Brazil and I headed down to Cococobana and Ipanema beaches in Rio before catching a 4PM flight to Salvador.

Arrived in the guesthouse and met up with Tom, Reynolds and Fabian a good few hours later and we headed out to grab something to eat before going to a big band jazz gig down the road.

Next stop was a local outdoor reggae club that we paid R5 (R3 = 1GBP) to get into.  Very dodgy place and I promptly headed into the toilet to relieve myself, only for the lights to go out while I was stood in the stall.  Seconds later and I get attacked from behind… four or five pairs of hands grabbing at my trouser pockets looking for something to rob.  Seriously scary stuff especially as I was trying my best to hand over the little cash that I had (about R80) without much luck.

But alls well that ends well, I still have my bits in one piece, even if I was a couple of quid down!

The very same evening another ‘gringo’ had her camera stolen in the same place and a few hours later the venue was raided by the police, everybody hands up against the wall to be searched.  No drugs/guns/weapons on us though but the risk of having something planted seemed very likely.

An eventful first full day.

Plan for today is to head to some turtle sanctuary nearby although I want to get in some of the stunning Salvador city before we head out.  I’ll be making adjustments to how I carry my money too!