I recently snagged a new 14-inch MacBook Pro for work and was dismayed to find there are very few to no solid sleeves on the market.

Previously I was carrying a 13-inch MacBook Air in my Osprey Talon 11 bag and managed to slightly warp the casing by putting it down too roughly. I decided a top-loading sleeve I could just drop into my bag and use as a “laptop pouch” would be ideal.

After a few attempts at finding something good on Amazon, I gave up and ordered a bunch of sleeves to try and find the best one. I haven’t used any of these sleeves in anger, but here are my initial impressions & recommendation.

I will be keeping my two picks & returning the rest.

Pick 1: tomtoc 360 14-inch - $26

tomtoc 360 14-inch is $25.99 and was definitely the best all-round sleeve I tried:


  • Exact fit for 14-inch MBP
  • Excellent edge padding (look at the lip in the photos)
  • Good top/bottom padding
  • As big as it needs to be and no bigger
  • Clean, straightforward look
  • Zips are smooth and don’t rattle too much
  • Outside zipper pocket could easily hold iPad mini, charger, cables, etc. (perhaps AirPods Max)


  • Arrived with an orange discolouration inside
  • Outside material is slightly creased already

Pick 2: Kinmac 360 14-inch - $15

Kinmac 360 14-inch is $14.99 and was the best vertical sleeve I was able to find.

I will be keeping the Kinmac where it will semi-permanently live inside my Osprey. I can get the Mac in/out one-handed and won’t even bother zipping the sleeve up.


  • Other colour-ways are available
  • Good fit for 14-inch MBP (spot on for all but the longest edge)
  • Good edge padding (look at the lip in photos; not as thick as Kinmac)
  • Decent top/bottom padding
  • Outside fabric feels nicer than ripstop Kinmac
  • Relaxed fit is probably a pro if, like me, you want to leave the sleeve inside a bag
  • Great value for money


  • I picked the floral colour
  • Slightly too tall for 14-inch (if you were jumping around a lot the Mac would move)
  • Slightly rattly zips (all metal as opposed to Tomtoc’s fabric/plastic)
  • Not as protective as tomtoc (but probably good enough)

Runner-up (ish): MOSISO 13.3-inch - $14

MOSISO 13.3-inch is $13.69 and a decent runner-up. I bought both the 13 & 13.3 inch sleeves & strongly discourage anybody from using the 13-inch for this machine. Technically the 13-inch is a snug fit, the zip was tight over the Mac & I didn’t feel it offered much protection.

I wouldn’t buy this over either of the two above. Maybe it you’re very weight/cost sensitive & don’t need the most protection?


  • Cheap!
  • Lightest
  • Probably the best looking in the top 3
  • Less faffy to get Mac in/out because it doesn’t have the lip (see also: Cons)


  • Zips lower quality than Tomtoc or MOSISO
  • Jangly zips
  • Limited cushioning all round

Others I checked out

NIDOO Laptop Sleeve - $26

The 13" NIDOO Laptop Sleeve is a $25.99


  • Great edge protection
  • Unique non-terrible looking
  • No jangly zip


  • Bit too tight
  • Requires two hands
  • Same price as the Tomtoc which is better

Acme Made Skinny Sleve - $26

The Acme Made Skinny Sleeve Medium is undeniably the best looking of the bunch. I’ve used a smaller version of this exact sleeve in the past with a 13-inch MacBook Air & liked it. The Air is a wedge shape though and the new 14-inch is thick. I think sleeves for the M1 Pro/Max Macs with their extra thickness require sleeves beyond two flat surfaces stitched together. I don’t think this is worth it for $26.03.


  • Looks baller
  • Feels snug while being quick to get the Mac in/out
  • I know it will hold up well over time


  • Worst corner protection
  • Over time the elastic can get annoying (the same may be true of zips - this is the only sleeve I have prior experience with)

Comfyable Laptop Sleeve - $17

At $16.99 the Comfyable Laptop Sleeve 14 Inch suggests it is “precisely compatible” with a 14-inch MacBook Pro. If this means tight, then yes, yes it is.


  • 🤔


  • Ridiculously tight fit
  • Don’t think it would offer much protection
  • Looks like you’re trying to be fancy